International Alliance of Law Firms

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When clients face challenges or opportunities in the global marketplace, Much Shelist can draw on its membership in the International Alliance of Law Firms, a network of business-oriented, midsize law firms that provides access to global legal services in 42 countries. The organization has grown rapidly since it was formed in 1990, now totaling 63 firms located worldwide, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. As a result, members can provide clients with swift and effective legal advice, as well as litigation capabilities, virtually anywhere in the world.

Candidates for membership undergo a detailed selection process designed to ensure that every member firm delivers professional excellence, the highest ethical standards, timeliness, service strength, practical solutions and a knowledge of local business culture.

Advantages to Our Clients

Local representation in a foreign jurisdiction offers many advantages. If a company is expanding into a foreign market, Much Shelist or another Alliance member can assist with commercial negotiations, help locate suitable premises, determine the most tax-effective structures, identify grants and incentives available locally, and arrange meetings with local authorities and other professionals. All member firms can work in the English language and have a wealth of local knowledge.

Recognizing that the issues facing businesses change continuously as new legislation is passed in different countries, Alliance members are committed to delivering an integrated solution to the most complex problems. To that end, they have developed quick and efficient lines of communication with each other in order to enhance client service.

If you have questions about how Much Shelist and the International Alliance of Law Firms can address your global business and legal needs, contact Martin J. O'Hara or David M. Pilotto. Please click here for more information on the Alliance.