Putting Our Clients First

One key principle has always guided Much Shelist both in terms of our everyday actions and the way that we manage our firm: The success of our clients ultimately drives our own success. That is why, in this challenging economy, we are engaged in innovative new initiatives focused on that principle, while also continuing efforts that have proven powerful for our clients in the past.

We want to be there for our clients when and how they need us, especially during difficult times.

  • We have revamped our client survey process, long a cornerstone of our commitment to the ongoing success of our clients, to help us better understand how the economy has affected their businesses and what Much Shelist can do to help.
  • Our attorneys have embedded themselves at select client sites, allowing company leadership, in-house counsel and others complimentary access to an on-site, trusted advisor who is dedicated to answering questions and addressing immediate legal and business needs.
  • We provide customized client education programs that respond to specific needs, as well as current economic conditions. Examples include a series of presentations to banks and real estate professionals regarding troubled loans, and "The Anatomy of a Lawsuit," a seminar for clients who are facing litigation scenarios for the first time.
  • Covering nearly every legal aspect of owning and operating a business, the Much Shelist Legal Check-Up is a comprehensive self-assessment tool that helps companies identify potential risks, opportunities for growth, improved efficiencies and other issues that need their attention.
  • In an effort to help our clients build their businesses, our firm is providing an unprecedented number of referrals within our extensive network of financial institutions, accounting firms and countless others to help generate leads at a time when our clients need them most.
  • In this time of uncertainty, in addition to advising on legal matters, our attorneys are deepening their involvement as close business advisors to our clients, providing them with much-needed emotional support, whether in the office, on the jogging trail or somewhere in between.