When an Attorney Joins the Firm

When an attorney joins Much Shelist, we make every effort to minimize the downtime often caused by moving a legal practice to a new firm. Our attorneys and administrative staff work together to make a new attorney's integration as fast and efficient as possible. This benefits the attorney as well as his or her clients.

Attorney Liaison

A senior principal of the firm partners with each new attorney as a liaison. This relationship is invaluable to a speedy and efficient integration as the liaison gives each new attorney a "go to" person for questions and issues of any size. Both big and small.

Client Records

The proper management of new clients and their records is a vital component of the new attorney integration process. The Much Shelist Records Center and Dockets departments work with each new attorney to open clients and matters as quickly as possible and to ensure that critical deadlines are properly recorded and conflicts are cleared. Newly assigned client and matter numbers are made available in our document management and billing systems; and a profile of each client is created in the firm's database.

Get-Acquainted Activities

Meeting new colleagues is an important part of settling in. Much Shelist schedules meetings with attorneys from other practice groups that allow newcomers to get to know their colleagues on both a personal and a professional level.

Public Outreach

We often use mass mailings, broadcast e-mails, press announcements, print advertising and other materials to inform clients and friends of the firm about a recent move. New attorneys are also encouraged to invite individuals or groups of clients to the firm for introductory meetings. These activities all serve as an introduction to Much Shelist.