Jason Wejnert Comments on High-Profile Lawsuit Waymo v. Uber

In a recent IP Watchdog article, Jason Wejnert, principal in the firm's Intellectual Property & Technology practice, weighs in on Waymo v. Uber and the many legal issues involved in this high-profile trade secrets litigation, including patent infringement related to driverless car technology, unfair competition, private arbitration, unlawful termination and the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. On the subject of private arbitration, Jason comments, “Large companies in particular like private arbitration because it lets them resolve sensitive disputes with employees outside of the public’s eye and a jury. Some legal experts also believe that arbitration forums tend to favor corporations over employees. However, Uber may insist that the matter is handled by the arbitration procedure because it’s a Google employee dispute.” Read the full article: "Waymo v. Uber: a Gordian Knot Gets Tighter."