Employment Counseling

Addressing disputes with current and former employees means diverting time and money away from running your business. Our Labor & Employment attorneys work with you to help prevent employment disputes from arising. Addressing employment issues proactively (instead of defensively) allows you to devote time and money to running your business, without the distraction of litigation.

Three-Step Proactive Process

Our proactive employment program is designed to promote compliance with applicable laws, correct problems that can create liabilities, and prevent the time and expense of employee claims. This efficient process is built around the following three steps:

  1. An audit of existing personnel and employment practices
  2. Review and modification (if necessary) of employment policies
  3. Compliance training of management and rank-and-file employees

Ongoing Counsel

A workforce of any size gives rise to a vast array of employment-related issues and concerns. Our Labor & Employment attorneys provide ongoing advice on grand-scale issues such as employee separations and reductions in force, as well as day-to-day issues such as wage-and-hour practices and employee leaves of absence. Our advice is designed to lead you through the tangled web of federal, state and local laws that govern virtually every decision you make regarding your employees. We also advise you of new employment laws that apply to your business and assist you in implementing measures to promote compliance.