Risk Management

Our clients recognize that the old adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," reflects a fundamental truth. Business risks come from every direction. These include industry-specific, regulatory and competitive issues, as well as general concerns facing any company that hires employees, manufactures products, provides services or interacts in any way with vendors and customers. Moreover, nearly every significant corporate event will have coverage implications. In other words, no business is exempt.

Over time, insurance needs change as the dynamics of a business shift. But all too often, the risks insured for, the policy terms, and the structure and capacity of insurance programs lag behind corporate developments and needs. The Policyholders' Insurance Coverage attorneys of Much Shelist are experienced in assessing the adequacy of insurance assets and identifying areas in which changes or enhancements may be available.

We help clients identify, avoid and manage the business and regulatory risks they face every day. Our attorneys also have developed comprehensive risk assessment tools, presentations and programs, as well as ongoing risk management services, that can be customized to help virtually any company.