Attorneys in this area

Intellectual Property Litigation

When competitors refuse to recognize the rights of our clients, Much Shelist IP lawyers counsel clients on ways to protect and enforce their rights, including through litigation.

The litigation handled by our lawyers involves patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets, antitrust, unfair competition, violation of non-compete agreements, dealer and distributor termination, and trade secrets.

Patent Litigation

Our patent litigators have background in many different fields which help them resolve issues of claim construction. From preliminary injunctions to summary judgments, negotiations, trials and appeals, our lawyers quickly and aggressively respond at any stage. Through Much Shelist's foreign associates, our patent litigators protect our clients' foreign patents.

Trademark Litigation

Our IP litigators enforce trademark rights of our clients. Much Shelist attorneys have also successfully stopped infringers from misusing trademarks on websites, metatags and domain names. Our attorneys are well prepared to cancel, oppose, and defend our clients' trademarks in the state and federal courts as well as in front of the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Copyright Litigation

Much Shelist's IP litigation group has participated in many copyright litigations. We have represented copyright owners claiming infringement and those defending against claims of infringement.

Trade Secret Litigation

Our attorneys have sued on behalf of clients who believed their trade secrets were being improperly disclosed and used.