Limited Liability Companies & Partnerships

Business owners have many important decisions to make when it comes to choosing the right corporate structure. A limited liability company (LLC), for example, combines the liability protection of a corporation with many of the flexibilities of a sole proprietorship or partnership. Whether you choose an LLC, a partnership, a sole proprietorship or another structure, each type of entity raises its own tax, financial reporting and governance issues. Therefore, a business should carefully consider each of these factors, along with their potential advantages and consequences.

The business and finance attorneys of Much Shelist regularly advise clients on the formation of general partnerships, joint ventures, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. In addition, we have advised our clients on forming international joint ventures, transferring partnership interests and dissolving partnerships.

We approach matters from an interdisciplinary perspective, developing our own industry- and market-specific knowledge and regularly tapping the experience of attorneys from throughout the firm who practice in taxation, corporate finance, real estate and other areas. Our attorneys serve clients by rendering advice on venture capital and private equity funding and investments, and by preparing a wide range of agreements that address operating, partnership, shareholder, purchase, registration rights, management, consulting, employment and non-compete issues.