Trademarks, Branding & Trade Dress

Much Shelist lawyers have helped clients obtain, preserve and protect their trademarks and trade dress in the United States and worldwide.

Our lawyers counsel clients through the life of a trademark and provide strategies for protecting their rights. From the initial stage of selecting a trademark, our lawyers can conduct trademark searches to help identify potential rights of others, which may restrict or prevent the adoption and use of the trademark. Our trademark attorneys assist clients in obtaining trademark registrations, policing the registrations and opposing and petitioning to cancel other trademarks that may be too similar to our clients' trademarks. Much Shelist handles domestic and international trademark clearance, registration and protection. We fully defend our clients against charges of infringement and unfair competition.

Our lawyers assist clients in protecting the overall image and packaging of a product through trade dress protection. Enforceability of trade dress overlaps other areas of intellectual property law, including trademark, copyright, patent and unfair competition. Much Shelist attorneys have extensive experience in this area and can help clients identify all aspects of protection, working with them to fully protect their rights.