Value-Added Services

In addition to our more typical litigation services, we provide multi-disciplinary, coordinated counsel designed to help meet dispute-resolution needs more cost-effectively, through prevention, creative billing and alternatives to traditional litigation.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Much Shelist is committed to open and creative partnerships with our clients, especially when dealing with fees and billings. As a firm, we understand the importance of giving our attorneys the flexibility to tailor our agreements to individual clients and their needs. We also believe that many traditional fee arrangements result in inefficiency. At Much Shelist, we prefer to develop service agreements that reward efficiency; for example, as litigators, we have developed numerous contingency- and result-based fee arrangements that align our interests more closely with those of our clients. These include blended, task-based, contingent and discount/premium rates, as well as retainer-based fees.

Holistic Law

Holistic law is a multi-disciplinary, coordinated approach to legal services that blends the knowledge and insights of corporate and commercial attorneys with those of experienced litigators, with an eye toward preventing disputes and resolving them quickly and cooperatively when they arise. Rather than relegating legal disciplines into discrete silos, by subject matter or chronologically, holistic law brings attorneys into each stage of the process. This broad oversight helps minimize the possible long-term consequences of making short-term or shortsighted decisions.

When disputes do arise, holistic attorneys help clients and their counterparts shift the focus from the dispute itself to the goals behind the dispute. Rather than seeking "win-lose" solutions, participants concentrate on developing solutions that satisfy all parties and avoid the stereotypical "lose-lose" scenarios that occur with unwanted compromise.

Holistic law is not a short-term or one-time event; rather, it is a long-term process that requires a shift in traditional attitudes and a commitment to the benefits of rational decisionmaking at every turn. The result? Fewer disputes, faster resolution and—ultimately—lower legal costs.

Litigation Avoidance Counseling

As experienced litigators, our attorneys understand many of the business dynamics and other factors that can lead to an increased risk of litigation. We work with clients to review contracts, analyze business decisions, determine appropriate legal structures, review financial, vendor, customer and joint-venture agreements, and asses a broad range of other legal and business choices, all with an eye toward proactively identifying and preventing situations that may lead to future disputes.

Settlement Counsel

Although the vast majority of cases result in some form of settlement, these settlements typically occur after significant time, money and other resources—not to mention lost opportunities—have been spent fighting, and preparing to fight, in court. At Much Shelist, we offer settlement counsel services that differ from typical litigation in their focus on settlement as the ultimate goal. As settlement counsel, we do not act as mediators or arbitrators; rather, we are engaged by clients to pursue rational settlement strategies as a first recourse. In doing so, we take the interests of all parties into account, including time pressures, needs for privacy and the prevention of negative publicity, working separately from litigation counsel to develop innovative solutions.