A law firm unlike any other.

It’s not easy to maintain a standout law firm culture. We’re proud that Much Shelist, year after year, remains focused on service and shared values, with great legal minds and a dedicated staff. We promote a collaborative and collegial work environment for both attorneys and staff that ultimately benefits our clients.

“Culture is critically important to us at Much Shelist. We are lawyers and trusted business advisors. We are also moms, dads, sons and daughters, soccer coaches and community volunteers. Everything we do is based on shared values and a steadfast commitment to delivering our best – to our clients, our families and our community.”

- Mitchell Roth, Managing Partner 

Our culture is what truly sets us apart and allows us to earn the trust and confidence of our clients. And others are noticing, too. For six consecutive years, the Chicago Tribune has recognized Much Shelist as one of the city’s top workplaces. Together, attorneys and staff at Much Shelist have created a great place to work—one that is strengthened by a culture of collaboration and the desire to go the extra mile, making us that much better. 

Here's what just a few of our team members have said about the firm's unique culture:

  • "Client service comes first, and everyone focuses on how we can best serve our clients."
  • "The open, friendly atmosphere has always made me feel like the office is a second home."
  • "You can be your own person and feel like part of the team—respected, supported and appreciated."
  • "There's a positive atmosphere here that is unusual in the world of law firms."
  • "Firm leadership asks employees of all levels to participate in formal conversations about the firm, how it is run and where it is headed."
  • "Our firm's encouragement to engage in the community is very impressive as well. I attribute the positive receptivity to excellent firm leadership, collegiality, and the high-quality people who work here from top to bottom."