International Alliance of Law Firms

Business opportunities are becoming increasingly global in scope. When our clients have legal needs beyond U.S. borders, Much Shelist can draw on its membership in the International Alliance of Law Firms, a network of business law firms that provides access to legal and business services in 42 countries. The organization has grown rapidly since it was formed in 1990, now totaling 63 firms in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and North and South America.  Members can provide clients with swift and effective legal advice, litigation capabilities and other resources in some of the world’s most active business centers.  

Candidates for membership undergo an extensive application process designed to ensure that every member firm delivers professional excellence, maintains the highest ethical standards, and offers access to a high quality local business network.

Advantages to Our Clients

Local representation in a foreign jurisdiction offers many advantages. If a company is expanding into a foreign market, Much Shelist, in partnership with another Alliance member, can assist with business negotiations, help locate suitable commercial real estate for lease or purchase, determine the most tax-effective business structures, identify local funding sources, and arrange introductions to local contacts.  

If you have questions about how Much Shelist and the International Alliance of Law Firms can address your global business and legal needs, contact Marty O'Hara. For more information on the Alliance, click here.